Quotes from Doc Holliday's Sept. 10 Press Conference

Marshall head coach Doc Holliday

Sept. 10, 2013

Game Notes

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Opening Statement:

                "Defensive captains this week will be James Rouse, a captain for the second time; the other captain on defense will be Corey Tindal. The offensive captains will be Tommy Shuler and Chris Jasperse. Those guys are the captains because of the way they have played, the leadership they've provided over camp and the past couple of weeks. Any time you go on the road, one thing you have to have is great leadership. We expect the 11 captains that we have now to provide great leadership, along with the other leaders on the team. That's the number one thing you have to do when playing on the road. It has to get done by those players. We have a great respect for Ohio and their head coach Frank Solich. He does a tremendous job and is a great coach. They're always very well-coached. They're extremely tough and it'll be a great challenge for us to walk in their stadium and go play. When you think about Ohio, you think about their toughness and their quarterback Tyler Tettleton. He's a tremendous leader. He's a great quarterback and it starts with him. They have two great running backs that complement Tettleton very well."

On Corey Tindal being named a captain and on his performance:

                "I've said all along that you don't have to be a senior to lead. Maybe the best leader I've ever been associated with was Philip Rivers at NC State when he was a freshman. Corey Tindal has been no different. From the time he stepped out on the field, he's been a tremendous leader and it helps when you're a tremendous player. Those things kind of go hand in hand. It's great to see him develop the way that he has and I'm just glad he's on our team."



On the dual rushing threat of running backs Beau Blankenship and Ryan Boykin:

                "They've pretty much split the reps. They were very even a week ago against North Texas. Both of them are tremendous backs and bring a great 1-2 punch to their running game. They ran the ball extremely well against North Texas."

On Marshall's balanced attack on offense:

                "We like to be able to continue to run a balanced offense. It all depends on what they give us defensively. I've said since day one that we may not be better on the stat sheet, but we have a better offense. That's kind of where we are at this point and we'd like to continue that trend."

On the Ohio struggles in the red zone:

                "One of their biggest struggles was playing a great football team in Louisville to open the season. When they had to find a way to get it done last week against North Texas, Tettleton found a way to get it done for them. That's him. That's what he does and that's what he has done for the last two years. That's what you saw on the last two or three drives that were critical for Ohio to be able to go win that game. Tettleton played his best football on those last couple drives to find a way to pull it out for them and that's what he has done his entire career."

On Marshall's offensive line resembling the Ohio offensive line:

                "I don't think there is any doubt that we have gotten better. I'd like to get to that point when people are talking about us and our offensive line. I think we've made great progress. Offensive line coach Alex Mirabal has done a tremendous job with those guys. To be honest, I'm anxious to go get on the bus and go play somewhere else to see how far this team has come and how they've developed."

On the game week preparations with having to travel to Athens, Ohio:

                "There's no doubt that that game will be won or lost by how well we prepare starting today and of course Sunday and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and up to game time. We do it a little bit differently than others. We will do all of our preparation here on Fridays. So it won't change at all on Fridays. Once we get on that bus, we'll go to the hotel, have dinner, get up the next day and go play. It doesn't change a whole lot as far as our preparations go. Going into a different hotel and into a different stadium where not all our fans are there is a little different. When you go on the road it starts with the leadership and being a tough football team. We have to find out if we are that."

On the rotating of the secondary and the help it has provided the defensive line:

                "We've been able to get sacks, hurries and pressure on the quarterback which has helped the secondary as well. In the secondary, we have been rolling in three or four corners in there and a couple nickels. We're rolling three safeties. What we're trying to do is develop Tiquan Lang and a couple of those young safeties like Michael Johnson. They're not ready yet, but at some point three or four games down the road, they can get in there and make something happen. We've rolled a lot of players in there and hopefully that will help us down the road later in the season."

On the status of running back Kevin Grooms:

                "He should be fine. He probably could've played last week with Steward Butler and those other guys, but he should be good to go today."

On Ohio's offensive line:

                "You turn the tape on and those guys you see playing are very solid. Coach Solich has been with that program for a long time. He's developed some guys and there's not much of a drop off from a year ago and what they're playing with now. I don't think we've sacked Tyler Tettleton in two years. It tells you what kind of player he is. It's important to get pressure on him and that needs to happen because if he can sit back there and break containment then he will create problems for you. That's something we have to make sure does not happen."

On the success of Louisville getting after Tettleton:

                "They did. Louisville will probably get a lot of pressure on a lot of teams this year. They're a very solid football team. Louisville played extremely well against them and I'm sure Louisville will play a lot of teams like that."