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Quotes from Doc Holliday's Sept. 11 Press Conference

Marshall head coach Doc Holliday

Sept. 11, 2012

Opening Statements:

“Obviously, we have a great football team coming in here Saturday. They’re [Ohio] a well-coached team and extremely talented. Any team that can go up to Penn State and win is a great team. They were a 10-win team a year ago. It’s important that we have another great week of preparation and that’s the plan right now.”

On Ohio’s running game:

“They’re excellent. When you look at Ohio University you see an offensive line that is extremely physical. That’s where it starts. You add [Tyler] Tettleton to that group who is an excellent quarterback that can beat you with his feet. You have Beau Blankenship, the running back, in there that runs extremely hard. They also have some skill guys that can go play. Overall they create a lot of issues for you. They can run it, they can throw it and they’re extremely physical up front. They will be a challenge for us. Our defense has to play well and we have to tackle well.”

On the magnitude of this game:

“It’s as big as the next one. They’re all big. One good thing our guys did a year ago when we played them was we played them one at a time. We have to do the same thing now. It’s big because it’s the next one. It’s big because it’s at home. Our kids enjoy playing at Joan C. Edwards Stadium so it should be a fun night. It’s going to be a good night to come in against an excellent team. They’re getting votes in the top 25 and they deserve it. It will be a tremendous challenge on Saturday night.”

On the players’ motivation following last year’s loss to Ohio:

“We need to be ready to play regardless. There’s no question that we didn’t play well against them a year ago. Hopefully I don’t need to bring that up to my kids. They should know that.”

On Ohio University offensive line:

“We have guys in there playing that didn’t play against that group. They’ve got another game under their belt. Defensively, I thought we made good progress from week one to week two. I don’t think it’s a personnel issue on defense at all. We have guys that haven’t played a lot and still have some growing to do. Steve Dillon and Jarquez Samuel really played their first football last week. They’re both freshmen and talented guys that need to grow up quick. Brandon Sparrow and Marques Aiken went in and played well. We have some talented guys out there that need experience and grow up quick. Because the type of team we have coming in here this week they’ve got to make great progress in the next three days.”



On D.J. Hunter’s position status:

“I think it’ll be opponent to opponent, but I think he’s physical enough that he can play in there. He’s covered up a lot and gotten out in space. He’s comfortable there and I thought he did well. He hadn’t played a game in three years. He’s finally got his feet wet and went in and did some good things. I thought Evan McKelvey went in and made tremendous strides. He made some plays in space and did some good things. We have to continue to grow as a defense and work extremely hard. The one great improvement we made was that we only had nine missed tackles this past week. Any time you are in the single-digit missed tackles then you have a chance to win games. It’ll be important that we tackle well this week. Blankenship is an extremely hard runner who is evasive and has great speed. So does the quarterback. “

On substituting the defensive tackles:

“You have to be able to do that. Especially at the pace they go. They’re an up-tempo team similar to us in some ways that they try to run a lot of plays and keep you on the field. So you have to substitute and play some people. Blake Brooks rolled in there some. We have to be able to substitute those guys at times. I thought last week it was good to see that and we have to continue to do that throughout the season.”

On Tyler Tettleton:

“There’s no doubt that he has all the intangibles. He has great leadership skill and is extremely tough. He makes great decisions and you can tell by watching him play that he has great respect of his teammates. He’s what a quarterback is all about. To me, at the quarterback position the intangibles are the most important thing and there’s no doubt he has that. He’s a winner. Last year was the first year he went in and played and won 10 games. He helped win a bowl game for the first time in their school history. He’s an excellent player that brings a lot to the table. When you talk about Ohio University football team you start with him because he’s the leader of that offense.”

On Coach Solich halftime adjustments:

“Their kids are well-conditioned. They play extremely hard and he’s a great coach. The year he won 10 games he got fired which makes a lot of sense. There’s no doubt he’s been successful wherever he’s been. He’s an excellent coach and we know that. He’ll have them well-prepared.”

On the similarities of Tettleton and Eddie Sullivan:

“Well Eddie isn’t Tettleton by any stretch. He is similar in some ways. Tettleton you have to contain him and run him down. He’s created a lot of issue for people including Penn State. It’ll be a great challenge for us and again we have to have a great week of preparation. He’s a really talented guy.”

On the offense taking a little load off the defense:

“It helps. I think the last couple years we’ve had to grind out points and we had to find ways to win with special teams. The reason we won the last two games last year was because our kicking game. I still believe the plan to win is a great defense. I think to win championships you must do that. I’m not going to sit here and tell you we’re playing great defense right now because we have to be better in that area. The opportunity to score some points definitely helps. The only stat that concerns me on offense is if you win the game, take care of the ball and score in the red zone. We did a good job last week and didn’t turn it over. I think we’re 13 for 14 scoring in the red zone and about 95 percent of those have been touchdowns. I feel pretty good the last couple weeks when we got in the red zone we were able to take care of business. Last week we did a great job of taking care of the football. That’s the most important thing to me offensively. The rest of it takes care of itself.”

On Rakeem Cato:

“Biggest thing I liked about him last week is that he took care of the ball. We didn’t turn it over. Again that is the most important stat that we can have offensively. Other than that I think he’s grown up tremendously. I think he’s making good decisions. He’s getting the ball in the right people’s hands. He’s running the show. He’s under control and he’s making great strides. He’s still a true sophomore into his second game. He’s got a lot of room for improvement. He’s worked extremely hard to become the best quarterback he can become. I’m happy where he is at this point.”