Mark Snyder Quotes

Sept. 12, 2007

Marshall Head Coach Mark Snyder

It was an exciting environment. I enjoyed it and I know the kids enjoyed it. Unfortunately we came out on the bottom end. I'm very proud of everybody involved from the support staff to the game day management staff to the way the players played. I'm looking forward to this week. We play a very good opponent in New Hampshire. They are no stranger to any of us. We all know what it is like to play in I-AA. They are a very good I-AA football team with very good football players. We are going to need that crowd to be as loud as they can. We showed Saturday that football is a game of great emotion and I thought our fans really helped us with that.

On where the game showed the Marshall program to be ... I think it shows that we're very close and getting closer. We need to make sure as a whole that we push forward in all aspects of this program.

On the third quarter fumble... Coaches did a nice job of putting Chubb Small in to start fielding the squib kicks and it work to perfection. We got the ball at the 50-yardline. The first play we fumble. If we go on and score there, that game is going down to the end. They got a little cushion and then we had to start playing catch up. They discovered that they had the ability to push on us.

On getting past the tough loss to WVU ... We have to move on. We can't let it beat us twice. We had some success. Now we're only hungry to get back out and play and get on the right side of the win, loss column.

On the importance of getting the first win of the season... It's critical for all of our mental wellbeing right now. We're sitting here at 0-2 and it doesn't feel real good.

On the play of kicker Anthony Binswanger ... He had a good camp and you usually play like you practice. You guys, that have been to practice and have seen him, know that he's been a model of consistency. We're going to give him a break today and give some younger guys a chance to kick.



On New Hampshire ... They're a very well coached football team in every respect. Their special teams are solid as can be. They have a very nice plan on offense. They're just a very sound football team.

On UNH quarter back Ricky Santos ... He's a sneaky quarterback. He's sneaky fast. He's enjoyable to watch on film. There are some things he does with the football in his hands that are really just enjoyable to watch. I'm not going to feel that way on Saturday, but it's fun to watch him against other teams.

On the play of Marshall's freshmen ... We saw a little bit of improvements, but hopefully we'll see that with every game. We still have a long way to go.

On kicking a field goal at the end of the first half of the WVU game ... We were able to get down the field because they were dropping eight and rushing three. Once you get in the area near the end zone the field shrinks. They played lane coverage. Had they been bringing the heat, we would have taken some shots at the end zone because I think we have some guys who can make some one-on-one plays. When they're in the zone your chances of turning the ball over increase dramatically. We made a decision to take a 10 point lead to the half.