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Transcript of Doc Holliday's Weekly Press Conference

Sept. 14, 2010

Transcript of Doc Holliday's Weekly Press Conference from Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010.

Opening Statement: I told our team Sunday that building a championship team is a process. It does not happen overnight. I felt like we took a step Friday and we have to make sure we do not take a step backward when we go to Bowling Green. With that being said, I think Marshall Football has gone to Bowling Green 14 times and has won twice. The (1998) team with Chad Pennington won a MAC Championship and went 12-1 and the one game they lost was at Bowling Green.

On the Falcons: "Bowling Green is an excellent football team. They are very well coached. Anybody that can go to Troy and get beat by a field goal at the end is a pretty good football team. Troy just about beat Oklahoma State last week so that tells you what kind of challenge we have ahead of us on the road."

On the BGSU Offense: "That quarterback is an excellent player. (Matt) Schilz is completing over 60% of his passes and he is a redshirt freshman. Dave Clawson does a great job with quarterbacks and has done so wherever he has been. They are not a whole lot different than they were a year ago. They had a great quarterback last year and had the one great receiver and they are very similar this year. Schilz is really throwing the ball and number 19 (Kamar Jorden) has something like 29 receptions. So they are really throwing it around. I know I read somewhere where they are going to try and run the ball a little bit more, but one thing is for certain he (Clawson) is an excellent coach and he will have that team ready and prepared."

"They have taken some shots (down field) and they had two touchdowns called back against Tulsa that were vertical down the field. They have the ability to stretch the field and Kamar Jorden is a good player. He is a JC wideout that was redshirted a year ago. He is listed at 6-3 and he looks it on tape. He can really stretch the field. They had a great one there a year ago too."



"He (Schilz) makes good decisions and he can run well enough to get out of trouble and beat you with his feet a little bit. He is not going to take off and run 60 yards on you, but he is athletic enough to get out of trouble. For a redshirt freshman he makes good decisions and is a heady guy."

When asked if he has ever coached a game at Bowling Green: "No, I haven't. Of course, Don (Nehlen) coached there forever and I was with Don for a long time (as an assistant at West Virginia). You know when Urban (Meyer) was there they beat some good people and when Don always won when he was there they beat some good people. Bowling Green is a great school with great tradition and it will be a challenge for us."

When asked about Don Nehlen and Doyt Perry: "I think the stadium is named after him (Perry) if I remember right and Doyt Perry was a great coach there. You know, (Don) Nehlen always said he was a great player, but I don't know I haven't seen any tape on him. But, he (Nehlen) will tell you he was. (laughter) I think Schilz may be a little better than Nehlen was. (laughter)

On Mario Harvey being in a three point stance some last week: "Mario Harvey can run and we are trying to get our best players in position to make plays. Mario is a guy that can really run and we do what we can to get all of our players that can make plays in a position to do that and Coach Rippon did a good job with that.

On Marshall's Defensive Line: "I think Sean (Cronin) has really done an outstanding job with our line. Vinny Curry is really playing well and Bullock, Delvin Johnson and (Michael) Janac are some guys in there that have had great off seasons and they are starting to play pretty well. We are going to need them to play a great game on Saturday. It is important that they do that. One thing I have seen is our defense goes as they go (the defensive line). If they play like they are capable of playing, then our defense is pretty good."

On Trevor Black's playing time: "Yeah, he played a lot and you know a lot of times we will have him and Devon Arrington in there at the same time and move Mario (Harvey) down. We don't have a lot of players, but the players we do have we have to get them on the field and he is one of them. He is only a freshman, but he is going to be a good player. You can't move Mario Harvey down and put a weaker link in at linebacker. With Trevor, Devon and Kellen (Harris) those guys give you some depth where you are able to do that."

On the play of punter Kase Whitehead: "Two phases of our special teams that I am happy with is our punt return and our punt team. I think they have done very well. Our kickoff needs to get better and we need to get more production out of our kickoff return. We spend too much time on kickoff return not to get more out of it. We have to do a better job than what we have been doing. We are going to work extremely hard on those two phases. Kase has done a nice job. He has done what we have asked him to do and our punt team has. I am happy with where we are there.

When asked if anything special was said to Vinny Curry that has led to his strong play: "Do what we tell you to do and do your job. As I have said 100 times, Frank Piraino (strength and conditioning coach) is the best there is in America and Vinny has bought in to what he is doing and he is doing a nice job. Sean (Cronin) is doing a nice job of coaching him. Bottom line is Vinny is a great kid that will do whatever you ask him to do."

On the BGSU Defense: "The key in our plan to win is to score points in the redzone. They have had a lot of people get in the redzone and come away with no points and that can't happen. When you score in the redzone you have a chance to win. You have got to finish things. I think people have had some turnovers against them too. We have to do a good job of finishing. You cannot turn the ball over."

On Brian Anderson: "Brian is playing well. I am happy for him and we need that kind of game out of him again Saturday to be successful. He had done and nice job and Tony (Petersen) has done a nice job with him."

When asked about BGSU running 82 offensive plays in last years game and your defense has faced 80-plus snaps for two straight games - are they up tempo like (Ohio State and WVU)?: "They do not play at quite the tempo we have seen, but the bottom line is defensively you cannot play 94 snaps (MU's total against WVU). You can't do it. We just do not have the depth to be able to do that. With that said, they (the defense) has to get off the field on those third downs. If we have to play 80 to 90 plays on Saturday then we have got problems. Offensively, we have got to start winning time of possession and start helping that defense out."

Is BGSU the closest thing to a C-USA opponent Marshall will face in non-conference this year?: "I don't know. I have not been through the conference and I cannot say. I know they are an excellent football team. I know Troy is as good a football team as there is out there. They have a reputation for beating people and I know when we played them (Troy) at Florida we struggled with them and BG hung right there with them at Troy. So they have good football players and are a good football team."

On the players mindset and being ready to get back on the field: "We have worked extremely hard. If we are not (ready), then the same thing will happen to us that happened to Virginia Tech. Our players understand that and were told that. Our preparation for games never changes. We will not prepare for Bowling Green any differently than the first two teams we played. Our schedule always stays the same. It starts on Sunday and once 3 p.m. Sunday rolls around the last game is over. If I heard someone talk about it, it was a bad deal. We are not going to think or talk about it, because if we are going to take that next step and go out and accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves you can't. The game against Bowling Green will be won today, Wednesday and Thursday in practice. If we have a great week of preparation, we have a shot at winning the game. If we do not have a good practice today, then we have no shot and our players understand that."

Is it helpful to have the Va. Tech-James Madison Game as a teaching point?: "You know...I was talking to the Quarterback Club and I told them that every Sunday you are going to pick up the paper and somebody that shouldn't get beat is going to get beat. It happens every Sunday of every week of every year. Last week, it was Virginia Tech and Minnesota that got beat by two teams that Chuck (Landon of the Herald-Dispatch) wouldn't have picked in his pick em's (laughter) and all of you are the same way. But you know what? Sunday will be the same deal. There will be teams that get beat that should not get beat. Those teams that are not prepared and invested get beat. The most prepared and most invested team always wins and we have to make sure our team is the most prepared and invested. If we are not on Saturday, then we will have problems."

On Rashad Jackson and Ahmed Shakoor: "Those guys have hung in there. We will have D.J. (Wingate) back this week and he will be out there practicing today. The thing is, we are not basketball and you cannot fix things over night. If you are a basketball coach, you can go out and recruit a couple of players and you are fixed. We have some issues cannot fix in one recruiting season. Some of these issues are going to take us a couple of years to address. We are going to work extremely hard on that, but unfortunately corners do not fall out of the sky and we have to play with what we've got. But, with that being said, I am extremely proud of those guys. They have gone in there and played their tail off and worked extremely hard. Unfortunately, we just do not have enough of them. Darryl Roberts is going to be a good player. He is going to have to start getting some work and play for us before it is all said and done. Every team we play, they are going to be challenged and for the most part they have held their own."

On Donald Brown and Omar Brown: "Omar and Donald Brown are excellent safeties. There are some issues there that we have to get cleaned up, but they are playing and Coach Rip (Chris Rippon) has them playing well. I told our football team that if we continue to play with that same type of effort and love for football and each other for the rest of the year, we are going to be ok. I have got to make sure that we get that kind of effort out of them on Saturday. A lot of those tackles that the Browns (Omar and Donald) came in run support and based on what the coverage is we ask a lot of those safeties. They are making some plays and I am proud of them. They are doing a nice job."

Closing Statement: "I would like to get out there too that I am proud of our fans and our students. That atmosphere on know we talk about winning championships here and that was a championship atmosphere we had here on Friday night. For us to win championships that is the kind of environment that we need every time we have a home game. I want to thank the fans and the students and everyone that showed up and provided us with that atmosphere. If they show up like that for every home game, then we are going to be hard to beat. That was a special atmosphere and I want to thank everyone."