Mark Snyder Press Conference Quotes

Sept. 30, 2008

Opening statement: We went out on Sunday and started our prep for Cincinnati, implemented our game plan and yesterday was a day our kids usually had off but it seemed like the change was good, I thought our practice was sharp and we got some things done. It was a little better than last Tuesday's preparation day. We're very excited about coming back home. I've said numerous times that this is a tough place for teams to come in and play. A national ESPN game and we've been talking about the Whiteout, they're giving out t-shirts, we need everyone to wear white and show the nation what kind of fans we have. My next shout out to the fans would be this: they have a redshirt quarterback that is going to be playing. We would love for it, whether he is under center or in the shotgun, to be as loud as possible and use that home field advantage.

On how the team is scouting the new Cincinnati quarterbacks: We have to worry about Marshall on defense and do what we do. It's a little difficult to scout.

On how the defense could have played better against WVU: We did not keep the ball inside and in front of us, tackling was tough at times. You have to credit the guys we were going against.

On Mark Cann bouncing back: He had a very good practice yesterday. I stood behind him to see where he was at and I thought he handled it pretty well.

On Darius Passmore playing against the Cincinnati defense: Its an opportunity for him. These guys (Cincinnati's defensive players) are being looked at by every NFL scout, they are very highly rated. We're going to have to make out fair share of plays. I have a feeling that the offense that can put points on the board will be victorious. We just have to eliminate mistakes and put points on the board.

On last year's game against the Bearcats: We did not play very well against them last year, I don't even want to think about last year. We're here, we're a different football team, totally, and we're glad to be home.



On the Bearcats running game: I think we're going to get a heavy dose of quarterback runs, spreading out and doing the things they've been doing. There's going to be some game day adjusting for us.

On UC kick returner Mardy Gilyard: Fans are going to get to see the No. 1 and No. 3 kickoff returners in the country in Gilyard and (Darius) Marshall. He's explosive, he can bust a game wide open. We're going to have to play superior special teams, not turn the ball over and get points on the board. We can't let them get points in the kicking game.

On the atmosphere he would like to see with the Whiteout against Cincinnati: It's a night game and when we come out of that tunnel with the smoke going, we would like to see everyone up making as much noise as they can with their white on. To have the whole stadium rocking and when they (Cincinnati) go on offense, constant noise.