Quotes from Doc Holliday's Oct. 1 Press Conference

Marshall coach Doc Holliday

Oct. 1, 2013

Press Conference Video

UTSA Notes

Opening Statement:

                "Our captains this week on defense will be defensive backs Darryl Roberts and Monterius Lovett. They both have played extremely well and both have provided great leadership to the defense. On offense we have offensive lineman Chris Jasperse and running back Essray Taliaferro, who have both been named captain multiple times. Those are our captains on offense and defense. I know our kids are looking forward to Homecoming and are excited to get the opportunity to come home and play against an excellent football team. It's amazing how far UTSA has come in such a short time. I didn't realize that San Antonio is the seventh largest city in America and also didn't realize that they have 34 players on their roster from San Antonio alone. I have great respect for Larry Coker, who has had success everywhere he has been. He's done an excellent job recruiting for that school and in that area. It starts with their quarterback Eric Soza. He does a tremendous job and is a great quarterback. He can beat you with his feet and can also throw it. If you look at the stats in Conference USA, UTSA is second to Marshall in total offense. They've moved the ball well against good football teams like Oklahoma State, Arizona and everyone they have played. One impressive thing about their football team is they have a wishbone philosophy with how they run the ball on the perimeter. They are also able to throw the football well at the same time. They do a great job with their perimeter runs and at distributing the football. Wide receiver Cam Jones is a tremendous talent for them. They don't have big individual stats because they play so many people. They will play eight or nine wideouts. They'll roll people in there every play. They play six tailbacks and they distribute the ball very well. They will be the best offense that we have played to this point and we have to do a great job at preparing for them. They are a very physical bunch. On defense, they are well coached and again we have to have a great week of preparation because they will be well prepared when they come in here. Our kids are excited and we're looking forward to the game."



On getting off to a fast start:

                "It's always critical. You always want to get off to a fast start. I watched that their (UTSA's) game against Houston and the end score wasn't how that game went at all. It was a three-point game ballgame going into the fourth quarter. They turned the ball over a couple times in the fourth quarter, but played Houston extremely well. We want to get off to a fast start. That is always our goal and it is no different on Saturday."

On the evolution of the running quarterback:

                "It looks like every week we see some type of quarterback that can run very well. When we played Miami (OH) in the first game their quarterback was able to move with the ball very well. You look around our league and most teams have that kind of dual-threat quarterback. They create big problems for you. It creates problems not only throwing it, but he is a speed option guy. He'll run the football as well as throw it. This week we are facing the same type of thing we've faced all season. I'm sure we'll play against more duel threat quarterbacks this season."

On the difficulty of preparing for a team that uses a lot of motions:

                "We got a lot of that motion stuff against Virginia Tech. They were a team that moved people around a bit, so we got some work against VT. We didn't get the work against VT as far as the speed options, speed sweeps and all the perimeter runs. They're chopping everybody on the perimeter. The good thing is that we've had two weeks to prepare. We went full pad twice because we wanted to get live actions, as far as the chop blocks on the perimeter. We got two days of that last week. We'll get another day of it today. So our kids have had three full days of getting chopped on the perimeter and getting off chop blocks. I haven't seen a team throw the ball as well as they do and also get blocks on the perimeter like they do. That's probably why they play so many wide receivers because if they don't block they don't play. They'll block and they'll catch the ball. They do a good job at getting that done."

On players being prepared to take a chop block:

                "It's a fine line because you don't want to work to much in practice on defending the chop block because you lose kids that way. But you have to do it. If you don't do it in practice then you can't expect it to be done on gameday. We've had to go out and execute that in practice and we'll do it again today."

On extra preparation for a team that uses chop block excessively:

                "We haven't played a team like this so far. A team that does what they do on the perimeter. The officials were trying to take this out of the game a year ago to be honest. They've now put it back in there to an extent on the perimeter blocking. It hasn't changed with the box and the offensive line or defensive line. Unfortunately, if people are going to do it then we have to be prepared for it and we will be."

On getting back to the game following two-game losing streak and coming off open week:

                "It's our first conference game. We're back in the conference and from here on out it's nothing but conference games. It's kind of a second season type thing. Our kids had the week off to catch their breath a little bit. Now we work. We'll come back this week and now we are in the game preparation for the conference game. There are a lot of positives to homecoming and playing at home. We have to go in this week and build on all of those positives."

On UTSA's defense:

                "They've played Oklahoma State and Arizona that put up a lot of yards on them. Houston is one of the top offenses in America I would think. I don't know exactly where they rank, but figure it to be high after watching them play. A lot of times stats are misleading early on. The first three to four games it's all about who you played. I think it's like the rankings as far as the team is concerned. They can be misleading early. You can take a lot of that with a grain of salt."

On UTSA lacking in forced turnovers:

                "Anytime you are playing to win you have to take care of the football. If we do that, we'll be fine. The games we've struggled in a bit, we didn't do a very good job at hanging onto the football. It's the first thing, second thing and the plan to win. We have to make sure we continue to work extremely hard with not turning the ball over. This is one offense that you don't want to give the ball up to."