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Transcript of Coach Doc Holliday's Weekly Press Conference

Oct. 7, 2010

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. - Opening: "I would assume the majority of you probably watched that game last night (UAB at UCF). They (UCF) are an excellent team. George O'Leary, I've known him since his Syracuse days. He's an extremely tough coach. They are well-coached and they've got the No. 1 defense in the league."

"The freshman quarterback that now plays for them, Jeffrey Godfrey, is giving them a whole new dimension on offense because not only can he beat you with his arm, he can beat you with his feet."

On the midweek game: "Ohio State and West Virginia were both on odd days. We're used to it. You just back-up from whatever the day of the game is so our preparation never changes. It'll always be the same. This is a great opportunity to showcase our program on national television as the only college football game on. We have great fans and it is important that we have another great crowd this week." Are there any differences watching a team on live tv as opposed to film: "Not really. It seems like they're faster on TV than they are on film, but I hope not. They have a great team."

On Godfrey: "I recruited him when he was in high school. He's from Miami Central. He's every bit of 4.5. He is that, and he plays that. He came from an excellent program."

On UCF not beating itself with turnovers: "That's George O'Leary. Whether it's Syracuse or Georgia Tech or UCF, wherever he's been they don't do that. They had a couple of unusual turnovers last night, a couple turnovers in the red zone that they normally don't have."

On UCF overall: "They are the No. 1 defense in the conference. They played close with two BCS AQ teams. They got beat by N.C. State, which was a tight game, and they also lost a tight game at Kansas State. This is a very good football team." On Marshall's Players following the 1-4 start: "They are fine. I told them, and they understand, that good things are going to happen for this football team if they continue to stay the course. They've done everything we asked them to, they've worked extremely hard and they'll continue to do that."



On defending Godfrey:"You have to contain him. You've got to force him to step up. He's not very tall. He's about 5-11, 5-10 maybe. He's not a real tall, rangy guy. Where he creates issues is when he improvises. I heard Coach O'Leary compared him to Michael Vick and compared him to Pat White. Where those guys really create issues for you is when they get on the perimeter. We have to try and contain him and do a good job of keeping him in the pocket."

On the UCF Defensive front: "They've got the defensive player of the year in the conference. Bruce Miller's a great player and he's got a lot of friends. Normally when you're No. 1 in the conference in defense, you've got some good players and on that defense they do. They do. Their bookends are very good. They are very similar. They also, and good teams have that, they roll about eight guys in there. They've got about eight defensive linemen they roll in and out and they constantly do that. Bruce is not the only player. They've got several of them that are very similar.

When asked to compare Bruce Miller and Vinny Curry: "Bruce is not quite as tall as Vinny. It's fun to watch teams that just play hard. They love football and play hard and that's what he does. You can tell he just really likes to play the game. When your program can get 8 or 10 guys like that into it - that just love to play ball and it's important to them, then you've got something going. That's what George has going down there now. They love to play."

How do you establish the run?: "You block them better. I know what you're trying to get at. We aren't running the ball very well and you're absolutely right. We have to become a more balanced offense. I have great confidence in Tony Petersen and Bill Legg. They've been very successful wherever they have been and we spend a lot of time in that meeting room to find ways for our offense to be successful. We all know being one dimensional is not one of those ways. Believe me we are working extremely hard and spending a lot of time trying to find the best way to run the football. It comes down to blocking and we've got to do a better job of doing that."

"Players have to go out and make plays. There are no secrets. I talked to Chuck Heater early Sunday, he's the co-defensive coordinator at Florida. We were talking about different scenarios as we always do. I asked him about the Florida-Alabama game and what happened and he said we both had good players, but ours did not make plays and theirs did, and that's the truth. We've got good players but those good players at some point have to make plays, and as coaches we've got to put them in position to make plays. It's pretty simple. It sounds simple, but at times it's a little harder to get done."

On the Southern Miss loss: "I am most disappointed in the kicking game, to be honest. We gave them 21 points in the kicking game. The blocked punt that we worked on from day one, and the kid that got it on the punt that you work on from day one. We gave them 21 points. You take 21 points away from that and it's not the score that was there. We weren't good enough in any phase.

On the play of freshmen Brandon Sparrow and James Rouse: "You always want them to play better. It's hard for young kids to go play on the d- line as freshmen, but that's what they're doing. Those guys are going to be really good players. They shouldn't be playing right now. They ought to be sitting, watching, and redshirting, but we don't have that luxury. I think long term both of those kids are going to be excellent players for us."

On Trevor Black as a linebacker or end: "He's moving that way a little bit now. Saturday he played a majority down. He's a talented guy that's going to get awful big. I think eventually he will (move to the line), yes."

On A.J. Graham's status: "I don't know. We'll find out a little bit more today. We have a week to determine that. If he can't practice, he can't play. We'll find out today. If he can't go during Tuesday/Wednesday practice which is Friday/Saturday, I guess, he won't play."

On Troy Evans, Andre Booker and Returns: "Troy did a nice job there. We have to get some things corrected as far as communication with him and the off returner, which we'll get that taken care of today. Both will play. I don't know who will be back there at this point."

On kickoffs: "If we could kick off from the 50 every time, we'd be all right. I think both times we kicked off we were kicking off from the 45, because of penalties. If you get that arranged for here on out we'd be all right. (laughter) We can kick it in the end zone from there, I think."

On having extra days to heal: "Having the extra three days helped us. Provancha now has a better chance, C.J. (Wood) has another couple days to get healthy. That helped. I don't see any major issues with the exception of A.J."

On UCF moving Bruce Miller around: "You have to know where he is. He's a three technique, he's a five technique. It looks like they try to bounce him around where you don't know where he is. He's all over the place. Some of probably is the fact that they are going to try to match him up with your weakness, which is what you should be doing."