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Quotes/Notes/Video from Doc Holliday's Oct. 10 Press Conference

Doc Holliday
Oct. 10, 2017

Press Conference Video
ODU Notes

Opening Statement:

It's great to be back home and have the opportunity to play a game again here. It seems like forever since we've been home. I say it all the time, and I mentioned it to the team on Monday, preparation is so key for every game you play. You look around the country and see some of the things that happened this past the end of the day, it's all about preparation and showing up ready to play for every game you play. If you do that, you have a chance. If you don't, you have no chance.

We're getting ready to play an Old Dominion team who won 10 games a year ago. They have a lot of players back so they have good players. They lead the conference and (are third in) the country with quarterback sacks. They have 19 or something crazy like that. They have some athletic guys on the front defensively, and they have a bunch of players back on offense. Their entire offensive line is just about back intact so it'll be a challenge for us and our guys need to have a really good week of practice to get ready for them.

On captains for this week:

Malik Gant is a guy who has played really well on defense so he will be our defensive captain. Ryan Bee is the special teams captain. He played really well on the punt team for us as a shield. Tyre Brady will be the offensive captain. He had a great game as a wideout.

On Homecoming:

I'm excited, it's homecoming. We're expecting tremendous weather. Our fans have been tremendous on the road, and I look forward to seeing them here on Saturday.

On the offense vs Charlotte:

We talk about being the best team we can be. I didn't walk out of there feeling like we had 400 total yards, but to be honest with you, we just didn't finish. We just have to do a better job of finishing drives. I think we did a good job of moving the ball, we just had some penalties and that one turnover that we have to eliminate but we have to continue to do what the defense gives us. We're playing tremendous defense. Anytime you're playing the kind of defense that we're playing, just take care of the football.

On Old Dominion's defense:

They have really good players, and it's not just coachspeak, if you turn the film on them and watch them. Supposedly they have two defensive ends coming back, so we'll get their best shot with them coming back. They're very athletic, they do a tremendous job technique-wise as far as rushing the passer goes. They've had success getting to the quarterback, and they've played Virginia Tech and North Carolina. They've played some good teams.

On Marshall's offensive line:

I'm proud of the way those guys have played. Tarik Adams has played extremely well for a young freshman. If you watch him, he's really come a long way. With all the work the three young freshmen have done, I fail to mention Levi Brown and how good he has been at center. There's a reason those three young kids have done well. Levi is an all-conference player I think at center.

On having previous Thundering Herd players around the program:

It's always great to see those guys around. I saw Tamar Slay, a great basketball guy, on the sideline. It's great to see those guys, they follow us wherever we go. It's great to have those guys around.

On the early Conference USA standings and results:

Anytime you're into league play, every game is a championship game. You look around, just about every team in our league has a loss. It's just so critical that every game you play, you treat as a championship-level game. Go find a way to win it because, when it all shakes out, you have to find a way to win those conference games to go to where you want to go.

On ODU's run defense giving up large yardage last week:

They missed a lot of tackles. I'm sure they'll get that corrected this week and come in here against us and be ready to go. FAU did a good job running the ball, which they have done against a lot of people this year.

On Juwon Young:

He's just a good player. Our guys have tremendous respect for him as a player. He came in and had 32 production points his first time out which is a lot. Not only can he play linebacker, but he can come off the edge in some pass rush and he brings a lot of things to the table that we can do with him.

On ODU's quarterback Steven Williams:

ODU's quarterback is extremely athletic, just like the kid we played for Charlotte. Going into the Charlotte game, we felt we couldn't let him beat us with his feet, and he had four yards rushing. Juwon (Young) was able to run him down. He's 250 pounds, but our linebackers can run. He was able to run him down on the perimeter. That was critical and it will be critical again this week. At times, Virginia Tech couldn't tackle him. He's a young player who is very athletic and can run, very similar to last week what we saw at Charlotte.

He's a young player who is going to be excellent. I've always said, when you play a freshman quarterback you're going to go through some growing pains. He's got the ability to beat you with his feet and also with his arm. We've got to make sure we take care of us, and put some pressure on him.

On Marshall's linebackers:

Juwon (Young) gave us one more body that you can get in there and play. But all those guys have played well. Chase Hancock has played like an all-conference player. I think he was leading the conference in tackles last week. Artis Johnson, Omari Cobb and Frankie Hernandez are some guys who are playing well. The extra depth also gives us room to add one of those guys to special teams. It gives us more flexibility. It helps in a lot of areas.

On the earlier start time of 2:30 p.m.:

I like 2:30. We can get up earlier and go. We've played at night for so long, it'll be a little different for us. I'd like to play them all at noon if it were up to me. Television controls that. Whatever it is, it is. We'll be ready to go. It doesn't change much. We adapt our meetings and schedule based on what time we play, but it doesn't change our Fridays. It just changes our pregame on Saturday.