Mark Snyder Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 14, 2008

Opening statement: We're excited to get back into conference play. We had a good off week and split the week up. Half of the coaches went recruiting to fill some needs we're going to have after this year. Myself, the coordinators and the two non-coaches stayed and started on UAB with the starters and got the second teamers a lot of reps, guys that we're going to need over the next six weeks. We started our game prep on UAB as a full staff Saturday. We're excited to go down to Birmingham again, this is a dangerous team. Obviously, they are down numbers and that reminds me a little bit of us over the last couple of years but as we all know, we jumped up and bit some people and they are very capable of that. They have some outstanding individual talent, it seems like they are not quite putting it together. We'll have a challenge in front of us. We need to start fast and it always comes down to special teams and turnovers, we cannot go down there and turn the ball over and let them make anything on special teams, but they do have some very good players.

On the similarities between this UAB team and the Marshall teams over the last few years: It seems like they are doing good in the first and second quarter, but in the fourth quarter, they kind of wear down a little bit and it shows in the film.

On the playmakers for UAB: The single digit guys are the ones that we need to know where they are at all the time; 1 (Rashaud Slaughter), 5 (Joe Webb) and 7 (Frantrell Forrest), those are the cats that make it go for them, they are their playmakers and we need to know where those guys are at all times.

On the biggest benefit of the bye week: We were healthy going in, so we cannot talk about health. I hope that the second and third team players, that we wore them out, they got a lot of good live reps. Hopefully we got those guys a little closer to being game ready as we go down the stretch.

On potential changes on the offensive line: We will probably start Chad Schofield as of right now. You will see a little more of Jimmy Rogers at right guard and Daniel Baldridge at right tackle. I thought Daniel seized the moment this week, he had some great practices. We'll still roll them like we've been doing, not a whole lot of shakeup.



On Marshall's tailbacks: I thought Chubb (Small) played real well the last time out. Hopefully our offensive play number will go up because Chubb needs to get more touches. We kept him relatively healthy this week and we ran the daylights out of Terrell Edwards. Again, our offensive numbers have to go up in order for Chubb to get his touches and to get Terrell out there to see what he can do.

On how the bye week was beneficial to Mark Cann: He got a lot of reps this week. Maybe the game will slow down for him a little bit, not as much speed in his face and things of that nature.

On the UAB defense: They are aggressive and very athletic. They get after you and I'm sure they will get after Mark (Cann) being young. They got after Kase and he's not that young, so we're going to have to handle their pressure and be able to run the football.