Mark Snyder Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 21, 2008

Opening Statement: Its exciting for us to play on national TV, the whiteout against Cincinnati was unbelievable. It was great TV exposure for us and we get a chance to play a good Houston team on national television. It will be the only game on and we're excited about it.

On Houston's offense: They were on a three-game losing streak themselves. As you look at the film, they're a little too one dimensional in the pass game. The last couple of weeks, they've found themselves a running back and its balanced out their offense and I think that's why they're having some success right now. They'll definitely make us defend the entire field.

On Houston sophomore QB Case Keenum: I think last year really helped him, you could tell he was going to be a really good player. Art (Briles, former UH coach) did a good job and Sumlin (current UH coach Kevin Sumlin) is doing a good job with him. He looks like has a lot of poise in the pocket. He does not get rattled. He has a very nice delivery and escapability.

On the Houston defense: They're a little bit "bend and don't break". They are very sound in what they do. They know what the weaknesses are and anytime you expose one of those weaknesses, they've got an answer for it. I've been very impressed with their defense, they are really starting to come on.

On the team rebounding from the loss at UAB: It stung for a couple of days, but we're fine. We'll go out to practice today and get ready for Houston, there is still a lot to play for. You look across the league, everyone except for Tulsa has been through what we are going through right now. I learned a long time ago that there are going to be ups and downs, you have to enjoy the ups and have courage in the downs. That's where were at right now. It's a perfect time for a bounce back game.

On the progress of Mario Harvey and DeQuan Bembry: It's a shame that more was not talked about with Mario Havery and Joe Henderson. I thought that game last week, being an old linebackers coach, was fun to watch. Those two kids played outstanding. DeQuan is getting better each week. From here on out, he's going to be tested along with T.J. (Drakeford) and D.J. (Wingate).



On the opening play vs. UAB: We talked about starting fast and we would all be happy right now if Darius (Passmore) went 94 yards. We did not anticipate starting on the six yard line, we hoped to at least get it out to the 20. We we're trying to start fast and we made a decision, which ended up being a safety. Had it gone 94, it would have been a great idea. When something bad happens to you right off the bat, don't compound the problem by trying to make a big play in a situation like that.

On Marshall coming back to take a 14-2 lead against the Blazers: You saw the emotion drain out of them (UAB). I think the turning point in that game was in the second quarter, they already thought that they had to go for it at around our 35 yard line on 4th and eight and the ball snapped over the quarterback's head. Arguably our best defensive player was in position to make the play, another guy has a chance to make the play, then their (UAB's) player runs over another guy for five more yards, reaches out and gets the first down. You knew we had a ballgame at that point and it could have been game set match right there. At the end, all you can ask for is to have a chance to win and we came up a little short.

On Mark Cann's play against UAB: He did throw the ball a little better, but there's still some things we need to get cleaned up in the running game. He needs to make some checks and have the confidence to get out of some plays where they have more hats than what we have. We blocked the looks we had, but they had one extra guy than what we had. Right now, we don't have the back to take care of that extra guy.

On Houston tight end Mark Hafner : I think Mark Hafner is a very good, crafty football player.