Mark Snyder Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 23, 2007

Obviously, we have a lot of alums coming back. It's exciting for me being an alum. It's a chance for all of us to see people who made a difference in our lives when we were in college. It should be an exciting weekend. We are playing a very good Rice team. They are putting up a lot of points. I just watched the Houtson game before I went to may quarterback meeting. It was 56-48. That is crazy. We're going to have to bring our "A" game.

On the Rice defense ... I think the nose guard is a really good player. I got to meet him down in New Orleans when we were coaching the little kids. I got a chance to let him coach a little bit. There DB is a good player too. They are very active on defense. They bring a lot of pressure and try to force you into mistakes. It's kind of an all or nothing type of thing.

On Chase Clement ... He is a little bit like Paul Smith at Tulsa. He is athletic, calls plays at the line and is a little sneaky. They do a lot of what New Hampshire did on offense. They throw the ball a little bit more. They roll and have the same kind of running game and trick plays.

On facing the offenses in C-USA ... It drives me crazy. As I look at the big picture, we are going to be good on defense here eventually. I think the team with the best defense is going to win this league consistently. Everybody is putting up points.

On Rice being better than there record ... Yes. We need to respect everybody and bring our best game every week. These kids do. Nobody is going to feel sorry for us. We have to come to play every week. We're not good enough to look past anybody.

On needing a win ... I think everybody in this room wants to win. It makes all of our jobs easier. There hasn't been any finger pointing. Coach Curry asked me how was keeping this thing going in our meeting last week. I truly believe it's got nothing to do with me. These fans and the program we have built here are just built in. We've never had a record or a season like this but I think it's a byproduct of who we are. We've got to get a win. I think it would give us a bit of confidence and you've heard me say that football is a game of confidence. I haven't lost my confidence in my abilities or those of this team. We've just got to keep getting better one day at a time.



On Jarrett Dillard ... He's awfully good. There are some good ones in this league. There are some offensive weapons in this league. He is going to play in the NFL. I think there are a lot of guys in this league. No. 2 for Houston is good. There are a lot of receivers in this league. He's fast, he's got great ups and a great vertical. He runs great routes. His coach told me he's got a 42 or 43 inch vertical. He's got soft hands and he runs good routes. I've seen him out there blocking a few times.

On Courtney Edmonson ... Courtney (Edmonson) was little ding. He got healthy last week and made some plays for us. Courtney is going to be a good player for us in the years to come.

On good things from the USM game ... There were a lot of good things on that film. A lot of guys stepped up. Kitchens had a really good football game. Ian Hoskins had a really good football game. There were a lot of things that excited me that I didn't see until I rewound the tape. On the touchdown run, you had a freshman offensive lineman blocking there best defensive tackle, a freshman guard pulling and kicking out and a freshman back taking it in to the end zone. That's exciting to me. As you look at the big picture, you think, `In three years those same three guys are going to be running that same play. How good are they going to be in three years?' It's pretty exciting.

On Cody Slate ... He's a really good player. He needs a lot more touches. We need to address that. What's amazing are the things other coaches ask about him after we finish playing them.