Mark Snyder Press Conference Quotes, Oct. 30

Oct. 30, 2007

I have not a chance to see their new facilities. I had a chance to talk to Coach O'Leary when we had our meetings. They had superior facilities when I was there as a GA. He said it is unbelievable. Coaches I've talked to say it's a very hard place to play and that the students get into it. UCF has a very talented team. This is a very important game for us. As I look at them right now, I think they're probably the most talented team in the league. We match up good with them. I think football is a game of match ups. This game is going to be about turnovers. The team that turns the ball over the least is going to win the game. They're going to try to run Kevin Smith. He's a good player. They've been running him for three years now. I think everything is coming together for him now. Florida is a big part of our recruiting and we need to make sure that we get down there and have a good showing.

On UCF's traditional style of play ... That's why Coach O'Leary is winning. His team controls the line of scrimmage, plays good defense and good special teams.

On Coach O'Leary rebuilding the UCF program... One thing I'll say about Coach O'Leary is that he came in and took his lumps early. He got it going again, had a little bit of down year and now has it going again. They're very athletic football team. They've got a lot of size and speed. They took some lumps last year and I think they learned from it.

On Kevin Smith ... He's gotten better each and every year, just like most young tailbacks will. I hope that two or three years from now they're talking about some of our guys like that. He's a big back and has developed pretty good vision. He makes good cuts for a big guy. He's from Southridge High School down in Miami. That's a very good program and he's used to winning. Coach O'Leary gave him a shot and he's proven to everybody that didn't recruit him that they probably should have. He can take the ball outside, too. He's a big back with good speed and good quickness.



On Marshall's running backs ... Chubb got in there and did really well. Kelvin did some good things. Darius is getting better each week.

On UCF's defense... It's mano y mano. It's good old-fashioned football. If you want to be good you have to be able to defend against it all and that's what UCF is doing right now. They can defend against the spread teams and the power run teams. That's where they're at right now. I've said all along that the team that plays the best defense would win this league. Right no UCF is playing the best defense.

On getting the first win of the season last weekend... It was good to finally get a win and to just find a way to win. We made it close and it shouldn't have been close. The good news is we found a way to win. We'll see how it plays out this week. I think it really helps us show the younger kids that their hard work pays off.

On how UCF has gotten better this season... I think they are playing better defense this year and I think that their special teams are creating hidden yardage for their offense. You put on the film and they're starting at the 30 or 40-yard line. Their offense has a short field a lot of times. I'm not saying they can't go the distance because they can. They can pound it.