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MCGILL: QB Litton Shares Emotional Words After Loss

Chase Litton.
Oct. 30, 2016

By Chuck McGill

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – Inside the belly of M.M. Roberts Stadium, standing beneath insulated ductwork and a couple of hanging fluorescent light bulbs, Chase Litton hurt. He seethed. He spoke.

And he held nothing back.

It was minutes after Marshall dropped a 24-14 decision to Southern Miss on Saturday night, and the Thundering Herd’s 6-foot-6 sophomore quarterback emerged from a players-only meeting and stood up to the postgame questions from the media.

Conviction and emotion dripped from his words. He talked for four minutes and 24 seconds before he headed to the locker room to remove his uniform, shower and board the bus bound for the airport.

Litton finished 20 of 34 passing for 166 yards and one touchdown against the Golden Eagles. The Marshall offense didn’t move the chains for a first down until early in the second quarter, and the Herd generated 226 yards of total offense on 59 plays – an average of 3.8 yards per play. Litton’s 44-yard touchdown pass to Michael Clark with 2:26 left of the fourth quarter came not scoring points on 12 of the offense’s first 13 possessions.



Here are Litton’s words:

“I find myself here every week saying the same thing – and that’s just us continuing to beat ourselves as an offense. We can’t win a game with 14 points. We can’t win a game with 7 points (through) 90 percent of the game. (Our) defense played their (tails) off; they gave us every opportunity in the world.

“I had a drive where I fumbled the ball trying to throw it and it slipped out of my head. The next play I had (Justin) Hunt down the seam and I overthrew him. As a football player, as a quarterback, as a competitor – you can’t have that. I can’t have that. I hold myself too high, I hold this team too high to let that happen. When we were going fast we had a lot of success, so we’ll watch the film, see what we had success on and take that into next week.

“It’s on us … the outside world can say whatever they want about this team, whatever they want about that game, whatever they want about the play-calling. It’s those 11 (players) on that offense who need to step up, and mainly me. I’m the guy who wants to lead this team, I’m the guy who wants to lead this team for the next two years. I’m focused on this year, I’m focused on this game and I’m focused on the next game. I can’t let that happen.

“I got too many guys here who put their heart into this game; too many players who may never play this game again. I can’t let them go out like that. We have talent everywhere on this team. We shouldn’t be 2-6. You look around and see the guys we have on this offense and there’s no way we put up 14 points. There’s no way. As a competitor, I don’t want that. I put too much into this game, they put too much into this game, we work too hard for this. We didn’t do all these mat drills, all these winter workouts for nothing. I can’t keep preaching it. We got to be about it.

“Go to sleep and wake up and get to work. Just get to work. Get in there in the morning and realize we’re not the team we thought we were, but we can be that team. We have the talent to be that team. We can be that team. We’ve got to get work. Go to sleep tonight, let it go and focus on improving, focus on correcting our mistakes and finding ways to improve on offense to lead this team to victory.

“You stay together. These are your brothers. You came to this school for a reason. It wasn’t just to win all these games, it was to play with these guys, to bust your (tails) with these guys, to live with these guys, to give everything you’ve got for the man next to you and give everything you’ve got for these coaches. We’ve got to stick together. We can’t sit here and let this adversity spread us apart. As players and as teammates and as brothers we’ve got to come in every day and hold each other accountable and be great because we preach it, we preach it and we preach it. We know we can. We know we’ve got the talent; we know we’ve got the guys to do it. We’ve just got to go and do it.

“I’m sick to my stomach right now knowing that I left those plays on the field, knowing this whole interview should be something different, that the whole locker room should be something different. We have every game in our hands and we find a way to lose it. We’re giving away wins. We know as a team that we can’t keep doing this. There’s some seniors on this team who may never play ball again. That hurts, man. You put everything into this game and they put everything into this game and I just know as a player on this team and as a quarterback of this team I can’t keep letting this happen.”