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Quotes from Doc Holliday's Nov. 20 Press Conference

Marshall head coach Doc Holliday

Nov. 20, 2012

Press Conference Video


Opening Statement:

We had a great week. We are anxious to get on the plane Thursday and head to Greenville. ECU is a good football team. Their quarterback Shane Carden has done a great job and is managing the game well. They have a great wideout in Justin Hardy and they have a tailback Vintavious Cooper that has a chance to go over a thousand yards rushing. Defensively they have eight starters back and they're doing a really good job. We have our work cut out for us and we have to have a great week. Up to this point we have.

On the similarities of this ECU game and last year's ECU game:

It's the same as last year, just in a different place. Last year they came to Huntington and this year we're going down there.

On the preparation for ECU:

We are going to prepare the same as always. We have an opportunity as a football team to do something and that really helps us. The kids understand that if we go win, then something good is going to happen for them. I think that helps our preparation.

On the stadium atmosphere ECU brings:

Going back through the years, when Marshall has gone down there, East Carolina has had some really good players. You combine that with a great facility and great fanbase, it makes it tough. Teams with good players, at their house with it packed, is a tough situation to go into. They've won a bunch of games down there and have had a bunch of great players. Those things sure contribute to make it a tough place to play.

On the best memory of playing ECU:

Last year. Last year's overtime game was so critical for us. It was the game that got us those extra practices and got us into a bowl game. That has to be the best memory I've had playing them and I've played them a bunch of times. For me, that was the best.

On ECU quarterback Shane Carden:

Number one he takes care of the football. He's managing the game and he's doing what Lincoln Riley [offensive coordinator] wants him to do. He puts the ball perfect into Hardy's and others' hands. The key is he's taking care of the ball and distributing the ball in the right places. Offensively, they might not be putting up the kind of numbers they did with Dominique Davis, but they're more efficient in what they do because they take care of the ball and Carden manages the game really well.



On ECU's offense this year vs. last year:

Not a lot, but some. Carden will take off. They are doing things a little bit different because their personnel is different. They are able to run it better. They have a back that has almost one-thousand yards. There is no doubt they are more balanced then they have been with Carden.

On ECU's offensive line:

They're offensive line is huge. They have some guys up there that are just massive. He's (Carden) gotten some pressure and some people have gotten to him, but he's also done a good job at taking care of the ball.

On the ECU running back Vintavious Cooper:

He's a junior college kid that has transferred in there. I think he started out a little slow, but the last three games he has had well over 300 yards total and he is closing in on one-thousand yards on the year. He's a talented young guy that can go.

On the motivation of ECU coming into this game:

If UAB can find a way to go beat UCF like they did a year ago then ECU could have a chance to go to the Conference USA championship (if it were to win Saturday). They're at home. It's going to be their senior night. Our guys are going to have to go there prepared to play and be ready to go.