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Game Highs and Lows

Game Highs Summary

Game-by-Game Highs

                              2017-18 Marshall Women's Basketball
                        Marshall Game-by-Game Highs (as of Jan 13, 2018)
                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
LONGWOOD                  11/10/17  90-45  W    22-GORE, Shayna  16-SAINTIGENE, A  6-ALEXANDER, As  1-FRALEY, Logan  6-SAINTIGENE, A
                                                                                                      Gore, Shayna
                                                                                                      Mayo, Kristen
                                                                                                      PEARSON, Tayl
                                                                                                      ZHIBAREVA, Ek
PENN STATE                11/15/17  65-80   L   22-GORE, Shayna  10-SAINTIGENE, A  4-GORE, Shayna   2-ALEXANDER, As  1-HAMILTON, Tal
at Cleveland State        11/19/17  76-85   L   19-GORE, Shayna  11-HAMILTON, Tal  5-ALEXANDER, As  3-ALEXANDER, As  2-SAINTIGENE, A
OHIO                      11/22/17  52-54   L   20-GORE, Shayna  14-ALEXANDER, As  4-ALEXANDER, As  1-SAINTIGENE, A  3-HAMILTON, Tal
                                                                                                      Mayo, Kristen
                                                                                                      HAMILTON, Tal
at Kentucky               11/26/17  39-69   L   18-ALEXANDER, As  5-SAINTIGENE, A  2-ALEXANDER, As  3-ALEXANDER, As  1-HAMILTON, Tal
                                                                                     Mayo, Kristen
WINTHROP                  11/30/17  70-40  W    15-HAMILTON, Tal  9-HAMILTON, Tal  6-DRIVER, Tana   4-MAYO, Kristen  4-HAMILTON, Tal
SOUTHERN ILLINOIS         12/2/17   59-64   L   19-GORE, Shayna   8-SAINTIGENE, A  4-DRIVER, Tana   4-SAINTIGENE, A  1-HAMILTON, Tal
                                                                                     Gore, Shayna
MORGAN STATE              12/6/17   73-68  W    26-GORE, Shayna  11-HAMILTON, Tal  7-DRIVER, Tana   3-DRIVER, Tana   2-SAINTIGENE, A
at Florida                12/10/17  69-74   L   21-HAMILTON, Tal  6-SAINTIGENE, A  3-GORE, Shayna   3-ALEXANDER, As  1-SAINTIGENE, A
                                                                                                      Gore, Shayna     HAMILTON, Tal
APP                       12/16/17  54-56   L   15-GORE, Shayna  14-HAMILTON, Tal  3-ZHIBAREVA, Ek  2-ZHIBAREVA, Ek  3-SAINTIGENE, A
                                                   HAMILTON, Tal                     Mayo, Kristen    Driver, Tana
                                                                                     ALEXANDER, As
                                                                                     Gore, Shayna
KY. CHRISTIAN             12/18/17 111-38  W    25-HAMILTON, Tal  8-HAMILTON, Tal  6-JOHNSON, Mych  7-HAMILTON, Tal  4-SAINTIGENE, A
                                                                    VUCETIC, Jova                     Gore, Shayna
at TSU Lady Tigers        12/21/17  71-65  W    19-GORE, Shayna   6-HAMILTON, Tal  5-MAYO, Kristen  4-JOHNSON, Mych  4-HAMILTON, Tal
ALICE LLOYD               12/30/17  96-46  W    23-GORE, Shayna  10-HAMILTON, Tal  4-HAMILTON, Tal  3-GORE, Shayna   2-JOHNSON, Mych
                                                                                     Driver, Tana     JOHNSON, Mych
at FAU                    01/05/18  59-79   L   20-GORE, Shayna   7-HAMILTON, Tal  5-JOHNSON, Mych  2-GORE, Shayna   1-HAMILTON, Tal
at FIU                    01/07/18  54-67   L   24-GORE, Shayna  11-HAMILTON, Tal  3-PEARSON, Tayl  4-GORE, Shayna   1-ZHIBAREVA, Ek
                                                                                                      Driver, Tana     Mayo, Kristen
                                                                                                                       HAMILTON, Tal
                                                                                                                       Gore, Shayna
LOUISIANA TECH            1/13/18   65-74   L   19-GORE, Shayna   7-ZHIBAREVA, Ek  5-MAYO, Kristen  2-JOHNSON, Mych  4-HAMILTON, Tal
                                                                                                      Mayo, Kristen
                                                                                                      ZHIBAREVA, Ek