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10 Questions with Maribeth Smith

Maribeth Smith

Nov. 20, 2012

Our continuing profile series with the eight swimming and diving seniors continues with Maribeth Smith. A diver from Bethpage, N.Y., Smith has competed in two meets this season, at home versus Radford and Vanderbilt. She achieved her career-best score in the three-meter against VU with a score of 236.25. The senior is a two-time member of the Conference USA Commissioner’s Honor Roll.

1.      Why did you choose Marshall?

I chose Marshall because of the diving coach at the time and for the journalism school, because it’s really well known.\

2.      If you weren’t a diver, what other sport would you play or want to play?

Probably softball, because I played growing up and always thought it was fun, I just was never that serious about it.

3.      What is best diving advice you have ever received?

There is no need to be nervous because probably only 10 or 20 percent of the population can do what I can do.

4.      What is best and worst class you’ve had at Marshall?

My worst was economics, it was awful. My best was international relations. It was neat to see governments and how they come together.

5.      What is the one thing you have to do before a meet?

Not much, have a good breakfast and get a good rest.

6.      Which diver do you idolize?

Christina Lucas, she has been in the past two Olympics and I got to train with her in camps over the summers. So I got to know her on a personal level as well as just her career so I got to see how much of great person she was in addition to what she can do in the water.

7.      If you were an animal, what would you be and why?



A giraffe for many reasons. First they are my favorite animal and two their necks are so long and they can see over trees and such.

8.      If there was a team competition for top comedian, who would win and why?

Sarah Kay, because she has lots of great one-liners and her accent makes them even funnier.

9.      Which teammate is likely to burst in song at the most random times?

Sarah Coghlin!

10.  Which event do you enjoy the best and why?

The one-meter. I have just been doing it longer and I am more comfortable with it.

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