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10 Questions with Emily Akalski

Emily Akalski

Dec. 11, 2012

Marshall’s swimming & diving profile series with the eight seniors continues with Emily Akalski. A native of Jeffersonville, Ind., Akalski is a two-time Conference USA Commissioner’s Honor Roll member. She made a strong showing in last year’s Marshall Invite where she posted her season high in the 100 backstroke.

1.      Why did you choose Marshall?

I really don’t know why. I chose it a month before school started and I was down to two schools and I just chose Marshall.

2.      If you weren’t a swimmer, what other sport would you play or want to play?

Softball, I played it for 13 years before my first injury happened.

3.      What is best swimming advice you have ever received?

If someone tells you can’t do something then that probably means you need to do it.

4.      What is best and worst class you’ve had at Marshall?

Worst class was calculus 3 because after I was done with it, I found out I didn’t need it. The best class has to be from my freshman year, English 102, because literally we (the team) were half the class.

5.      What is the one thing you have to do before a meet?

Usually call my mom right before I have to be on deck.

6.      Which swimmer do you idolize?

Probably a guy from back home, Ben Hesson. He was fourth in Olympic trials in the 100 backstroke and since he is from the same town and we swam for the same high school and club team, I kind of look up to him as he was able to come out of a small town that isn’t known for swimming and do big things.

7.      If you were an animal, what would you be and why?



An elephant, because you can eat whatever you want and nobody cares. I have a weird obsession elephants and I just love them.

8.      If there was a team competition for top comedian, who would win and why?

Personally it would be Danica Ross. If I am on the verge of tears she will come over and say something completely ridiculous and just make me laugh.

9.      Which teammate is likely to burst in song at the most random times?

I would say Arlie Rykosky but the words are never there but the beats are there.

10.  Which event do you enjoy the best and why?

I love the 50 freestyle. You don’t have to think about anything, no counting laps; you just jump off the blocks and go. Usually the person with the most confidence will win not the person with the most skill.