Athletics Staff Directory

All Phone Numbers: (304) 696-

Marshall Athletic Department
P.O. Box 1360
Huntington, WV 25715


Athletic Administration (Fax: 6448)
Director of Athletics Mike Hamrick 5408  
Executive Secretary to the Director of Athletics Ruth Patton 5408
Associate Director of Athletics and Chief of Staff Jeff O'Malley 4310
Associate Director of Athletics for Administration and Business David Steele 2483
Associate Director of Athletics for Olympic Sports / SWA Beatrice Crane Banford 5225
Associate Director of Athletics for Development and Executive Director-Big Green John Sutherland 3402
Associate Director of Athletics for Game Operations and Facilities Scott Morehouse 6022
Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance TBA 5255
Associate Director of Athletics for External Affairs Aaron Goebbel 4375
NCAA Faculty Representative Karen McComas 2983
Big Green Scholarship Foundation (Fax: 6665)
Associate Director of Athletics for Development and Executive Director-Big Green John Sutherland 3402
Director of Athletic Development Teddy Kluemper III 3401
Associate Director of Athletic Development Doug Wallace 5428
Assistant Director of Athletic Development Laura Der 3385  
Assistant Director of Athletic Development Dutch Heiner 3407
Program Coordinator Beverly Lee 7138
Program Coordinator Leslie Denney 4661
Buck Harless Student-Athlete Program (Fax: 6303)
Director of Academic Counseling Tara Helton 3695
Administrative Secretary Lisa Bowen 6628
Academic Counselor for MBB, WBB and MSOC Jillian Boys 6834
Academic Counselor for BSB, VB, S&D, WXC/T&F and Cheer AJ Hubbard 3694
Academic Counselor for WSOC, SB, M&W Golf, TEN Samantha Spurlock 6624
Academic Counselor for Football Ashley Parsons 3693
Business Office (Fax: 6448)
Business Manager Dawn Kirtner 7083
Accountant Catherine Donchatz 6576
Accountant Garnet McKinley 5403
Business and Facilities Assistant Joe Wortham 5402
Cheerleading (Fax: 2325)
Head Coach Jake Gilliam 6707
Compliance (Fax: 6448)
Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance TBA 5255
Assistant Compliance Director William Timpano 7111
Intern Brady Mangus 6383
Administrative Secretary for Compliance Sarah Murray 5406
Equipment Room (Fax: 6448)
Head Equipment Manager Rich Worner 5411
Assistant Equipment Manager Zachary Littleton 3414
IMG College (Fax: 3504)
General Manager George Smalley 2952
Associate General Manager Scott Crouch 3403
Senior Account Executive Brett Mount 3484
Account Executive Carl Anderson 3343
Partner Services Coordinator Anna Berry 4372
Marching Thunder (Fax: 3982)
Director of Marching Thunder Adam Dalton 2345
Marketing and Promotions Office
Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs Aaron Goebbel
Director of Marketing Dianna Kurowyckyj 6160
Assistant Director of Marketing Brette Scala 3469
Athletic Marketing Assistant Jeremiah McCallie
M-Club (Fax: 2325)
President Steve Williams 4661
Graduate Assistant Jeremy Rogers 3385
Operations and Facilities (Fax: 6448)
Director of Events Tom Ponietowicz 7280
Director of Facilities Andrew Brown 3665
HVAC - Athletic Facilities Lee Damron 3665  
Assistant Director of Facilities and Events Devin Robel 6412
Assistant Director of Facilities and Events Andrew Wiede
Assistant Director of Facilities and Events Chris Luma
Assistant Director of Facilities and Events Justin Hughes
Graduate Assistant AJ Metzger  
Graduate Assistant Walid Salameh  
Sports Information (Fax: 2325)
Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations (FB) Jason Corriher  4660
Director of Publications/ Columnist Jack Bogaczyk 6525
Associate Director (MBB, WSOC, Spring M/WGOLF) Carly Weisenbach 2418
Associate Director (VB, BSB, TEN) Corey Dieteman 5276
Associate Director (SB, WBB, Fall M/WGOLF) Scott Hall 4662
Graduate Assistant (MSOC, S&D, XC, T/F) Kyle Gibson 5275
Sports Medicine (Fax: 2325)
Head Athletic Trainer (FB) Tim Pike 4305
Associate Athletic Trainer (MBB) Chris Lapole 3715
Assistant Athletic Trainer (WBB) Brandi Anders 2415
Assistant Athletic Trainer (FB) Bryan Gray 2414
Assistant Athletic Trainer (VB) Mallory Gomes 2329
Assistant Athletic Trainer (BSB) Andy Bumgarner 2329
Assistant Athletic Trainer (SB) Aaron Mangum
Assistant Athletic Trainer (WSOC) Meagan Bevins
Assistant Athletic Trainer (MSOC) Colby Keegan
Assistant Athletic Trainer (FB) Jared Muth 6461
Strength and Conditioning (Fax: 6448)
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Scott Sinclair 2413
Director of Strength & Conditioning Joe Varga 2488
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Billy Brown 2436
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Matt Donelson 2436
Graduate Assistant George Carpenter 2436
Graduate Assistant Brian Pieper 2436
Graduate Assistant Josh Chamberlain 2436
External Operations
Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs Aaron Goebbel
Voice of the Thundering Herd Steve Cotton 2446
Ticket Office (Fax: 6712)
Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs Aaron Goebbel
Director of Athletic Ticketing Ryan Crisp 4377
Assistant Director of Athletic Ticketing Cole Woodrum 4363
Athletic Ticket Office Assistant Haley Donaldson 800-THE-HERD
Athletic Ticket Office Assistant Grant Stafford 800-THE-HERD
Video (Fax: 6448)
Video Coordinator TBA 2402
Baseball (Fax: 2325)
Head Coach Jeff Waggoner 6454
Assistant Coach Tim Donnelly 7146
Pitching Coach Josh Newman 7146
Volunteer Coach Brian Karlet 6454
Director of Player Development Heath Storey 6454   
Men's Basketball (Fax: 6000)
Head Coach Dan D'Antoni 6460
Program Assistant Sharon Napier 6460
Assistant Coach Mark Cline 2479
Assistant Coach Scott Rigot 2480
Assistant Coach Chris Duhon 6460  
Director of Basketball Operations TBA 3769
Video Coordinator Neal Scaggs 3586
Graduate Assistant Vashawn Taylor 3769
Head Student Manager Nick Gilkerson 3586
Women's Basketball (Fax: 2325)
Head Coach Matt Daniel 5445
Associate Head Coach Tony Kemper 5448
Assistant Coach Caronica Randle 6782
Assistant Coach Devrinn Paul 3230
Director of Operations Destiny Bramblett 7281
Administrative Secretary Judy Rogero 5445
Football (Fax: 6448)
Head Coach Doc Holliday 6464
Program Assistant TBA 6464  
Assistant Athletic Director for Football Operations Mark Gale 2408
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Bill Legg 2400
Defensive Coordinator/Secondary Chuck Heater 2410
Defensive Ends Sean Cronin 3483
Linebackers Adam Fuller 3592
Wide Receivers Mike Furrey 3029
Tight Ends/Recruiting Coordinator Todd Goebbel 2407  
Offensive Line Alex Mirabal 2406
Defensive Tackles J.C. Price 2401
Running Backs Chris Barclay 6463
Graduate Assistant (Offense) TBA 3593  
Graduate Assistant (Offense) Matt Randall 3593
Graduate Assistant (Defense) Clint McMillan 3593
Graduate Assistant (Defense) Mike Treier 3593
Director of High School Relations/Asst. Strength Coach TBA 3628  
Golf (Fax: 2325)
Head Men's Golf Coach Matt Grobe 5401
Head Women's Golf Coach Tiffany Prats 3330
Assistant Women's Golf Coach Brian Levi  
Men's Soccer (Fax: 2325)
Head Coach Bob Gray 4659
Assistant Coach Thomas Olivier 2434
Assistant Coach Alex Fatovic 2434
Volunteer Assistant Coach Sammy Boateng 2434  
Women's Soccer (Fax: 2325)
Head Coach Kevin Long 6388
Assistant Coach Erika Duncan 3614
Assistant Coach Lauren Middleton
Softball (Fax: 2325)
Head Coach Shonda Stanton 4370
Assistant Coach Kendall Fearn 3279
Pitching Coach Chanda Bell 3979
Director of Operations Ashley Gue 3218
Swimming and Diving (Fax: 2325)
Head Coach Bill Tramel 2573
Head Diving Coach Andrew Helmich 4317
Assistant Coach Ian Walsh 7242
Tennis (Fax: 2325)
Head Coach John Mercer 2431
Assistant Coach Kellie Schmitt 2431
Track and Field / Cross Country (Fax: 2325)
Head Track & Cross Country Coach Jeff Small 5412
Assistant Coach Don Yentes 2481
Volleyball (Fax: 2325)
Head Coach Mitch Jacobs 3980
Assistant Coach Taylor Strickland 4657
Assistant Coach Matt Jackson 4657