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Game Highs and Lows

Game Highs Summary

Game-by-Game Highs

                              2003-04 Marshall Women's Basketball

                        Marshall Game-by-Game Highs (as of Aug 23, 2005)

                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS


MORGAN STATE              11/21/03  88-34  W    14-STATLER, Mary  8-KNABLE, Catie  4-HODGE, Teyonk  5-SMITH, Amy     1-ISHOLA, Modup

                                                                    SMITH, Amy       SHEPARD-HALL,                     CURRY, KaShaw

HIGH POINT                11/22/03  90-70  W    23-SHEPARD-HALL,  6-SMITH, Amy     6-SHEPARD-HALL,  5-KNABLE, Catie  1-GRIFFIN, Kim

                                                                    KNABLE, Catie

RADFORD                   11/25/03  80-50  W    13-ISHOLA, Modup 10-SMITH, Amy     4-GRIFFIN, Kim   3-GRIFFIN, Kim   2-ISHOLA, Modup

                                                                    SWANIGAN, Nad    SHEPARD-HALL,

WAKE FOREST               12/02/03  60-49  W    15-SMITH, Amy    15-KNABLE, Catie  2-HODGE, Teyonk  2-CURRY, KaShaw  1-SWANIGAN, Nad

                                                                                     SMITH, Amy


MOREHEAD STATE            12/05/03  84-61  W    12-SHEPARD-HALL, 11-KNABLE, Catie  6-SCOTT, L'erin  3-HODGE, Teyonk  2-ISHOLA, Modup


AUSTIN PEAY               12/15/03  50-53   L   10-GRIFFIN, Kim  11-KNABLE, Catie  2-GRIFFIN, Kim   5-GRIFFIN, Kim   2-KNABLE, Catie

                                                                                     HODGE, Teyonk

at TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN     12/19/03  74-59  W    20-HODGE, Teyonk 14-KNABLE, Catie  5-GRIFFIN, Kim   5-GRIFFIN, Kim   3-KNABLE, Catie

at Texas A&M              12/21/03  61-56  W    13-GRIFFIN, Kim  13-KNABLE, Catie  4-GRIFFIN, Kim   3-GRIFFIN, Kim   1-KNABLE, Catie

                                                                                     SHEPARD-HALL,    STATLER, Mary    CURRY, KaShaw

at Lehigh                 12/30/03  68-55  W    22-KNABLE, Catie 11-KNABLE, Catie  4-SHEPARD-HALL,  5-HODGE, Teyonk  2-KNABLE, Catie

                                                                                     HODGE, Teyonk    KNABLE, Catie

vs Mississippi            12/31/03  53-54   L   11-GRIFFIN, Kim   8-KNABLE, Catie  4-KNABLE, Catie  2-SHEPARD-HALL,  2-KNABLE, Catie

                                                                                                      HODGE, Teyonk

                                                                                                      Griffin, Kim

at Ball State Cardinals   01/03/04  63-71   L   11-SHEPARD-HALL, 12-KNABLE, Catie  5-HODGE, Teyonk  6-HODGE, Teyonk None

KENT STATE                01/07/04  56-51  W    13-SHEPARD-HALL,  9-SMITH, Amy     8-HODGE, Teyonk  3-KNABLE, Catie  2-ISHOLA, Modup

                                                                    KNABLE, Catie                     HODGE, Teyonk

at Ohio Bobcats           01/10/04  86-63  W    22-KNABLE, Catie 18-KNABLE, Catie  5-HODGE, Teyonk  1-WHITE, Jameka  1-KNABLE, Catie

                                                                                                      HODGE, Teyonk

WESTERN MICHIGAN          01/14/04  72-96   L   13-ISHOLA, Modup  8-ISHOLA, Modup  8-GRIFFIN, Kim   3-GRIFFIN, Kim  None

at Buffalo                01/17/04  60-79   L   19-STATLER, Mary  6-KNABLE, Catie  8-GRIFFIN, Kim   3-KNABLE, Catie  1-CURRY, KaShaw

                                                                                                                       HODGE, Teyonk

vs West Virginia          01/21/04  53-79   L   15-KNABLE, Catie 12-KNABLE, Catie  2-CHAMPION, Cry  1-CURRY, KaShaw  1-CURRY, KaShaw

                                                                                     SHEPARD-HALL,    STATLER, Mary    ISHOLA, Modup

                                                                                                      WHITE, Jameka

                                                                                                      ISHOLA, Modup

                                                                                                      HODGE, Teyonk

at Central Michigan Unive 01/24/04  73-56  W    24-SHEPARD-HALL, 10-KNABLE, Catie  3-GRIFFIN, Kim   2-HODGE, Teyonk  1-CURRY, KaShaw

                                                                                     HODGE, Teyonk    SHEPARD-HALL,    KNABLE, Catie

MIAMI (OHIO)              01/27/04  70-78   L   10-ISHOLA, Modup  7-CURRY, KaShaw  6-HODGE, Teyonk  3-HODGE, Teyonk  1-ISHOLA, Modup

                                                   KNABLE, Catie

at Akron                  02/04/04  70-55  W    17-KNABLE, Catie  9-KNABLE, Catie  9-HODGE, Teyonk  2-SHEPARD-HALL,  1-CURRY, KaShaw

                                                                                                      HODGE, Teyonk    ISHOLA, Modup

EASTERN MICHIGAN          02/07/04  49-66   L   16-ISHOLA, Modup  9-SWANIGAN, Nad  4-GRIFFIN, Kim   3-GRIFFIN, Kim   1-KNABLE, Catie

                                                                    KNABLE, Catie                                      ISHOLA, Modup

at Miami                  02/11/04  56-73   L   11-HODGE, Teyonk  9-SWANIGAN, Nad  3-GRIFFIN, Kim   3-GRIFFIN, Kim   1-ISHOLA, Modup

                                                                                     Scott, L'erin

at Toledo Rockets         02/14/04  61-56  W    18-SHEPARD-HALL, 11-KNABLE, Catie  5-SCOTT, L'erin  2-STATLER, Mary None

                                                   STATLER, Mary                                      Griffin, Kim


at Kent State             02/16/04  50-64   L   10-SHEPARD-HALL,  8-KNABLE, Catie  2-STATLER, Mary  1-HODGE, Teyonk None

                                                                                     SHEPARD-HALL,    Griffin, Kim

                                                                                     KNABLE, Catie    SWANIGAN, Nad

NORTHERN ILLINOIS         02/22/04  58-55  W    22-SHEPARD-HALL,  9-KNABLE, Catie  3-GRIFFIN, Kim   2-ISHOLA, Modup None

                              2003-04 Marshall Women's Basketball

                        Marshall Game-by-Game Highs (as of Aug 23, 2005)

                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS


                                                                                     KNABLE, Catie    Griffin, Kim

                                                                                     HODGE, Teyonk

BOWLING GREEN             02/25/04  67-77   L   18-SHEPARD-HALL,  9-KNABLE, Catie  3-SCOTT, L'erin  3-HODGE, Teyonk None

                                                                                     HODGE, Teyonk

OHIO                      02/28/04  56-52  W    18-SHEPARD-HALL,  8-KNABLE, Catie  4-HODGE, Teyonk  5-HODGE, Teyonk  2-ISHOLA, Modup

                                                                                     SHEPARD-HALL,                     CURRY, KaShaw

AKRON                     03/02/04  67-52  W    17-SHEPARD-HALL, 12-ISHOLA, Modup  8-HODGE, Teyonk  4-SHEPARD-HALL,  2-CURRY, KaShaw

BUFFALO                   03/06/04  69-45  W    17-SHEPARD-HALL,  6-KNABLE, Catie  7-HODGE, Teyonk  5-SHEPARD-HALL,  2-CURRY, KaShaw


vs Kent State             03/10/04  64-58  W    26-SHEPARD-HALL, 10-KNABLE, Catie  4-HODGE, Teyonk  6-HODGE, Teyonk None

vs Eastern Michigan       03/12/04  70-75   L   14-ISHOLA, Modup  8-SMITH, Amy     3-SMITH, Amy     2-HODGE, Teyonk  3-ISHOLA, Modup