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Morehead State vs Marshall (Apr 18, 2012)

Box Score

2012 Marshall Thundering Herd Softball
Morehead State at Marshall (Game 1)
Apr 18, 2012 at Huntington, W.Va. (Dot Hicks Field)

Morehead State 1 (12-28)

Player   ab    r    h  rbi   bb   so   po    a  lob 
ANDERSON, Adrena dp 
ETTER, Stephanie 2b 
BRILL, Kayla lf 
RIDDLE, Amber 1b 
WAGNER, Elizabeth cf 
ASHBROOK, Kayla ss 
SOMMER, Anna rf 
MASSARO, Jamie c 
SPARKS, Samm 3b 
PFOST, Katie p 
   IMPERIAL, Ashley p 
   WHITCOMB, Jami p 
Totals  18  12 

Marshall 10 (26-18)

Player   ab    r    h  rbi   bb   so   po    a  lob 
Telles, Alianna ss 
   Cooper, Emileigh pr 
Gue, Ashley 2b 
   Ferrick, Jessica ph 
Gamby, Rebecca c/dp 
   Miluk, Brianna pr 
Hively, Alysia 1b 
   Braxton, Kristina pr 
Valle, Jazmine 3b 
   Spurlock, Samantha pr 
Thompson, Taylor cf 
Hope, Bri Anna dp 
   Winton, Taylor
Hughes, Jessica rf 
   Lara, Amanda ph/rf 
Loesing, Melissa lf/pr 
   Marvin, Victoria ph 
Williamson, Andi
Totals  24  10  13  10  15 

Score by Innings               R  H  E
Morehead State...... 000 10 -  1  2  1
Marshall............ 052 3X - 10 13  2
E - ASHBROOK(18); GUE, A.(9); HIVELY, A.(4). LOB - MOR 4; Mar 6. 2B - TELLES, A.(12); VALLE, J.(6); HUGHES, J.(1). HR - ETTER(1); GAMBY, R.(5). SH - SPARKS(2). SB - GUE, A.(26); BRAXTON, K.(5); THOMPSON, T.(23); HUGHES, J.(17); LOESING, M.(11).

Morehead State   ip  er  bb  so  wp  bk  hbp  ibb  ab  bf  fo  go  np 
PFOST, Katie L,4-11  1.1  10  12  47 
IMPERIAL, Ashley   1.2  27 
WHITCOMB, Jami   1.0  19 
Marshall   ip  er  bb  so  wp  bk  hbp  ibb  ab  bf  fo  go  np 
Williamson, Andi W,17-11  5.0  18  20  86 

Win - WILLIAMSON (17-11). Loss - PFOST (4-11). Save - None. WP - WILLIAMSON(8). PB - MASSARO(12). Pitches/strikes: PFOST 47/33; IMPERIAL 27/13; WHITCOMB 19/14; WILLIAMSON 86/54.

Umpires - HP: Fred Reed 1B: Joe Welch 3B: Rick Smith
Start: 2:04 PM Time: 1:31 Attendance:
Weather: Cloudy, Mist, 61
IMPERIAL faced 1 batter in the 4th.


2012 Marshall Thundering Herd Softball
Morehead State at Marshall (Game 1)
Apr 18, 2012 at Huntington, W.Va. (Dot Hicks Field)

Morehead State starters: 10/dp ANDERSON; 12/2b ETTER; 17/lf BRILL; 22/1b RIDDLE; 4/cf WAGNER; 20/ss ASHBROOK; 6/rf SOMMER; 18/c MASSARO; 1/3b SPARKS; 25/p PFOST;

Marshall starters: 31/ss TELLES, A.; 8/2b GUE, A.; 0/c GAMBY, R.; 42/1b HIVELY, A.; 27/3b VALLE, J.; 23/cf THOMPSON, T.; 6/dp HOPE, B.; 21/rf HUGHES, J.; 22/lf LOESING, M.; 14/p WILLIAMSON;

Morehead State 1st - ANDERSON struck out swinging (2-2). ETTER popped up to 2b (2-2). BRILL struck out swinging (1-2). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Marshall 1st - TELLES, A. flied out to cf (1-0). GUE, A. singled, bunt. GAMBY, R. grounded out to 3b (1-2); GUE, A. advanced to second. GUE, A. advanced to third on a passed ball. HIVELY, A. walked (3-2). BRAXTON, K. pinch ran for HIVELY, A.. BRAXTON, K. stole second. VALLE, J. popped up to ss (0-2). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

Morehead State 2nd - HIVELY, A. to 1b for BRAXTON, K.. RIDDLE struck out swinging (2-2). WAGNER struck out swinging (1-2). ASHBROOK struck out looking (2-2). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Marshall 2nd - THOMPSON, T. walked (3-2). THOMPSON, T. stole second. HOPE, B. flied out to cf (1-2). HUGHES, J. doubled to left field, RBI (0-2); THOMPSON, T. scored. HUGHES, J. stole third. LOESING, M. singled, bunt (0-1). LOESING, M. stole second. TELLES, A. doubled to right field, advanced to third on a throwing error by ss, 2 RBI (1-2); LOESING, M. scored; HUGHES, J. scored. COOPER, E. pinch ran for TELLES, A.. GUE, A. singled, bunt, RBI (0-0); COOPER, E. scored. GUE, A. stole second. GAMBY, R. singled through the right side, RBI (2-2); GUE, A. scored. IMPERIAL to p for PFOST. MILUK, B. pinch ran for GAMBY, R.. HIVELY, A. flied out to cf; MILUK, B. out at first cf to 1b. 5 runs, 5 hits, 1 error, 0 LOB.

Morehead State 3rd - TELLES, A. to ss for COOPER, E.. GAMBY, R. to c for MILUK, B.. SOMMER popped up to 3b (2-2). MASSARO singled to center field (2-1). SPARKS out at first p to 2b, SAC, bunt (0-1); MASSARO advanced to second. ANDERSON grounded out to 3b (3-2). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

Marshall 3rd - VALLE, J. doubled to left center (0-1). SPURLOCK, S. pinch ran for VALLE, J.. THOMPSON, T. lined out to 3b (2-1). HOPE, B. walked (3-1). HUGHES, J. singled, bunt; HOPE, B. advanced to second; SPURLOCK, S. advanced to third. MARVIN, V. pinch hit for LOESING, M.. MARVIN, V. walked, RBI (3-1); HUGHES, J. advanced to second; HOPE, B. advanced to third; SPURLOCK, S. scored. LOESING, M. pinch ran for MARVIN, V.. TELLES, A. grounded out to 3b, RBI (1-0); LOESING, M. advanced to second; HUGHES, J. advanced to third; HOPE, B. scored. FERRICK, J. pinch hit for GUE, A.. FERRICK, J. flied out to cf (3-2). 2 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

Morehead State 4th - GUE, A. to 2b for FERRICK, J.. VALLE, J. to 3b for SPURLOCK, S.. LOESING, M. to lf. ETTER homered to left field, RBI (0-2). BRILL struck out swinging (3-2). RIDDLE struck out swinging (1-2). WAGNER reached on an error by 2b (2-2). WAGNER advanced to second on a wild pitch. ASHBROOK struck out swinging (2-2). 1 run, 1 hit, 1 error, 1 LOB.

Marshall 4th - GAMBY, R. homered to left center, RBI (0-1). WHITCOMB to p for IMPERIAL. HIVELY, A. struck out swinging (1-2). VALLE, J. singled down the lf line (1-1). THOMPSON, T. singled through the left side (0-1); VALLE, J. advanced to second. HOPE, B. flied out to lf (1-1). LARA, A. pinch hit for HUGHES, J.. LARA, A. singled to right center, RBI (2-2); THOMPSON, T. advanced to third; VALLE, J. scored. LOESING, M. singled, bunt, RBI (0-0); LARA, A. advanced to second; THOMPSON, T. scored. TELLES, A. grounded out to ss (0-0). 3 runs, 5 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

Morehead State 5th - GAMBY, R. to dp. WINTON, T. to c for HOPE, B.. LARA, A. to rf. SOMMER struck out, reached first on an error by 1b, advanced to second on the error (1-2). MASSARO popped up to 2b (1-0). SPARKS walked (3-1). ANDERSON reached on a fielder's choice to pitcher; SPARKS advanced to second; SOMMER out at third p to 3b. ETTER grounded out to 2b (1-2). 0 runs, 0 hits, 1 error, 2 LOB.